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Price24 is the first app that brings power to the local merchants and customers. Seller – Customer interaction is done using private chat or the seller can contact them directly. Price24 does not charge you directly for the offers or get price queries. We have a “Verification” program that has different tiers and duration of pricing. The verified users can view the contact information from enquiries and a bunch of other quirks.

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What is Price24?

Price24 is a platform for local merchants. Local merchants can push offers and announce rewards for promoting themselves.

How do I get P24 coins?

Just log in and click Earn “P24 Token” every 24 hours and you will be rewarded with coins. You do not have to watch an Ad or pay to get them. they are 100% free.

What is the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard is where the Price24 users with the highest number of followers show up. Share your referral link and add them as a follower.

What are stores?

Stores are the digital menu cards of each store. We encourage you to interact with stores directly, without a middleman to get to know stores nearby and get the best offers and promotions.

App Features

Know Offers near you

Login to our app and browse through the new offers listed every single day. Claim your offer as proceeding and get it collected from your local merchant.

Support Local Merchants

Support our local retailers and merchants by claiming their irresistible offers through the app and know more about the upcoming products and services through the in-app store front.


Earn P24coins 

Earn P24 coins every day as you mine in the app. Invite your friends as you share the app earning you more coins and claim the offers you like with the coins you earned.

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